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The International Federation for Secular and Humanistic Judaism‭ (‬IFSHJ‭) ‬was the successor organization to the International Federation of Secular Humanistic Jews‭ (‬founded 1986‭). ‬Leading figures in the IFSHJ have included Rabbi Sherwin T‭. ‬Wine‭, ‬founder of Humanistic Judaism in North America‭; ‬Yair Tsaban‭, ‬former Minister of Immigration and Absorption in Israel‭; ‬Albert Memmi‭, ‬well-known French writer and professor of sociology at the University of Paris‭; ‬and Yehuda Bauer‭, ‬noted historian and Holocaust scholar‭ ‬at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem‭. ‬And its activities and affiliates included communities in Europe‭, ‬the former Soviet Union‭, ‬Latin America‭, ‬Israel and North America‭.


‬The International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism‭, ‬as well as its sister program Tmura‭-‬IISHJ‭, ‬were affiliates of the IFSHJ‭. ‬IFSHJ held its last international conference in 2004‭, ‬and despite an effort to revive its‭ ‬operations after the death of Rabbi Sherwin Wine in 2007‭ ‬by Marvin Rosenblum‭ (‬dec‭. ‬2011‭), ‬the IFSHJ by ceased active operations‭ ‬by 2014‭.


‬The legacy achievements of the International Federation are many‭: ‬its biennial international conferences created powerful experiences and fellowship across borders and languages‭. ‬Its position statements provided a strong voice on crucial issues for vast numbers of secular and Humanistic Jews around the world‭. ‬In 2010‭, ‬the IFSHJ published the English edition of Judaism for‭ ‬Everyone‮…‬Without Dogma by Dr‭. ‬Bernardo Sorj‭. ‬And it maintained an online directory of secular and Humanistic Jewish organizations and websites‭.


The International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism has preserved the best of these achievements‭. ‬The message of Secular Humanistic Judaism is not confined to one nation or continent or language‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬it appeals to modern Jews anywhere in the world‭. ‬And that was the mission of the International Federation of Secular and Humanistic Judaism‭.‬


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The International Federation
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